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Let us ease the anxiety and stress you may be feeling!

Get the help you deserve in a language you will understand.

Let us ease the anxiety and stress you may be feeling!

Get the help you deserve in a language you will understand.

Let us ease the anxiety and stress you may be feeling!

Get the help you deserve in a language you will understand.


“Just a quick thank you your law firm were so helpful and accommodating for my mother and father in Manchester.”

“Our whole family would just like to take this opportunity to thank your law firm for all your help steering us through the process of finalising our parents estate. Finding a local family law firm in Manchester who have been diligent and patient has been an absolute pleasure”.

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While the thought of contemplating your own death in the future must certainly terrify you, the reality is that death is something that we must all accept whether we like it or not. We all live finite lives and no matter how much technology improves, the fact of the matter is that we just cannot outlive the rate our bodies decay over time.

With that said, will writing is really something that you should seriously consider. This is not only true for people who are reading this who are already at an advanced age, but also for young professionals in their 20’s to 40’s. This is because will writing while you are still young and able can be extremely advantageous – especially if you want to think about what happens to your properties after you die. will writing ensures that your estate (the properties and assets you leave behind after death) are properly allocated to the people who should rightfully benefit from them and without any legal dispute.

will writing

Think about it this way, if you didn’t engage in will writing and prepare your will early. If you suddenly die because of some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, then you would have died intestate or without a will. This means that your family will have to ask for a court order just to be able to even make any legal changes to your property. Furthermore, UK executry law will now take in effect and as a result, the people that you would have wanted to be your beneficiaries might not benefit fully from your estate. Not to mention that your estate will also need to pay a hefty inheritance tax. If you make a will in advance, then you can ensure that you minimize the amount of inheritance tax that you have to pay.

Simple Will Writing Is Easy

Under UK executry law, writing a simple will is pretty easy. Assuming that you don’t have a spouse, you don’t have any children, and you have no properties overseas or any properties that are in dispute, then you can write your will by yourself. Although of course, getting help from a solicitor is always the preferred path in order to ensure that your will is valid and acceptable by the courts.

A simple will should have it stated very clearly at the top that it is a will. It should then state your beneficiaries and who gets which of your properties. You can divide your properties and assets by percentages among your heirs, or you can allocate specific properties to certain individuals. This would not be possible if you die intestate. Next, you should appoint a person as an executor. The executor is the person who executes the will or makes sure that it is carried out according to your wishes.

You should also state clearly what will happen if any of your beneficiaries are legally incapacitated to benefit or they just die before you.

Finally, you need two witnesses to sign the will. The witnesses must be at least 18 years old and should not be beneficiaries in your will nor members of your own family.

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