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Let us ease the anxiety and stress you may be feeling!

Get the help you deserve in a language you will understand.

Let us ease the anxiety and stress you may be feeling!

Get the help you deserve in a language you will understand.

Let us ease the anxiety and stress you may be feeling!

Get the help you deserve in a language you will understand.


“Just a quick thank you your law firm were so helpful and accommodating for my mother and father in Manchester.”

“Our whole family would just like to take this opportunity to thank your law firm for all your help steering us through the process of finalising our parents estate. Finding a local family law firm in Manchester who have been diligent and patient has been an absolute pleasure”.

“My Father told me he is now greatly relieved that his will and other affairs are at last in order. Thanks so much for your help.”

Looking for lawyers that deal with wills? Then what you are looking for would be a probate attorney or a wills and probate solicitor. Of course, this depends on what you really want when you search for lawyers that deal with wills. You might be looking for simple advice on how to make your own will. In this case, even a general solicitor should be able to adequately answer your questions for you. In fact, you can look up the answer online.

You Can Make Your Own Will

Unless there are some complexities with your properties, then making a will can actually be done on your own and completely without the aid of a solicitor or any other type of attorney. A lot of people who look for lawyers that deal with wills actually just want some information on making their own will. There are some online forms that you can fill out that will automatically draft your simple will for you. Of course, if you need a complex will because you have children, have been recently divorced, or perhaps you have properties from overseas and trusts that need to be included in your will, then it is always in your best interests to hire a solicitor to help you out.


Making your own will is not that hard. It is actually advantageous to write your own will, whether you have any complex properties to deal with or not. This ensures that you can lessen the amount of inheritance tax that you have to pay on your properties and assets. A simple will should clearly and explicitly state who is/are the beneficiaries of the will, as well as who will be appointed as the guardian of your children (if any) who are under 18. Also, you should appoint a legally capacitated person to be your executor and to sort out and dispose of your properties according your will upon your death. Furthermore, you should include stipulations as to how your estate is to be disposed of just in case your beneficiaries are not legally qualified at the time of your death or if their death precedes yours.

How To Ensure That Your Wills are Legal

Furthermore, there are legal requirements to contend with. This is why you may be looking into lawyers that deal with wills. The legal aspects of the will should ideally be left in the hands of a professional solicitor. You must be at least 18 years of age at the time you made the will, it must be done voluntarily and when you are of sound mind, it must be done in writing, it must be witnessed and signed by at least two witnesses who are also 18 or over.

Anything that you append to your will at a later date must follow the same process, including the signing of witnesses. One thing that you should be well aware of is that none of your witnesses may be named as beneficiaries in your will. This includes their spouses if any. Also do take note that any major changes in your property or your civil status will affect the stipulations of your will, so it is a good idea to keep it updated and follow the usual signing and witnessing process – or, just get professional help from lawyers that deal with wills.

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